Monday, November 17, 2008


Here's an update of several new pieces from the past weeks:
This piece took me to unexpected places, here's the final version:
50X42 Inches acrylic on canvas

A former version, which I liked but wasn't sure of:

The photos were taken at different lighting conditions so the hue looks a little different, but other than the hue, the only main difference is in the top part.
Another piece I enjoyed making:
Road #2
58X50 Inches acrylic on canvas
It is one of those paintings where in the process I feel an expansion, working in large scale, a sort of freedom, and space. It is not the first piece I titled 'road' and I suspect it isn't the last.

Finally, a new project of making art objects out of recycled materials. This object looks like a box but it has no function as such, it is not a practical object but is meant only to be displayed for visual pleasure/inspiration/introspection and such purposes which art fulfills...
The size is about 14X8X7.5 Inches (35.5X20X19 Cm). It is made out of leftover packaging Styrofoam, left over canvas, fabric remnants, magazine cut-outs, acrylic gel and paint.

This object inspired a painting using the same theme which developed organically in the creation of the box, I wanted to see how it will look in two dimensions.
Someplace, somewhere
30X24 Inches, mixed media on canvas


Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Wonderful work Iris! I love the colors!

you've been tagged

(please don't worry if you don't have time etc.... thank you!)

Iris said...

Hi Sylvie, thanks for popping in! glad you like the paintings!

mawakeley said...

Hi Iris!
I'm glad to see you are posting on your blog.

Your most recent painting is one of the most visually interesting pieces of yours I've seen. Judging from all the positive responses to it, I'm not alone in this thought!

I'll do my best to visit regularly. I haven't been very regular with my own postings... more like every now and then. I'm glad when you stop over and visit when you can :)

Iris said...

Hi Mary Ann!

Great to see you and thanks for visiting!

I think I really like this format of communicating on a blog, there are so many possibilities!

Thanks, I'm glad you like this painting. I am receiving a lot of positive responses to it, which is so great, because I was so unsure of it... this really happens to me often, it's like I'm creating in a bubble, no idea what kind of response my work will generate.... but I guess it's normal, happens to many...

Off to check your blogs.. :)

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Hi Iris,

the tagging thing... ;-)
the 8 artists are blogs you often visit, and I think they have to be different than the ones on my list.(for me it was also the first time I was tagged so I'm also new) But no stress, you are not obliged to link to the other artists. I've seen that not everybody do this, but for me it was fun, and it's good to connect to each other.
Good luck with it!

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