Monday, November 10, 2008


I have been planning to do it for a while, and finally am taking the first step. Writing my thoughts about art and the art world, and as far as I can elaborate about my creative process, which is sometimes difficult for me to describe in words.

I hope a dialog or a discussion will develop, comments are very welcome!

Since I haven't been updating the blog for a while, I will start with posting recent works. First, a series which was a commission I received from someone who wanted a painting similar to a recent abstract, but in a smaller size and shape. The original painting was a 68X52 inches, and the commission was for a 36X36 Inches (3 feet by 3 feet, or 91 cm square). The challenge was mainly in creating a similar composition which originally was rectangular, into a square shape, and in addition, working small. I really love working large, especially when painting abstract. I love it when my whole body is participating in the process of creating, and painting becomes an extension of my body, the energies flowing through my hands as in a Tai-Chi or Chi Gong practice. I had to try a few versions, and this took some practice. I made 3 paintings, and after I thought I was done, decided to make one more last one. Eventually, the buyer chose that last one, which I knew she would. The original painting can be seen in an older post, but here it is again:

Two Of Us

Here are the four versions. I am quite happy with them, although I do plan to continue working on one, and perhaps take it on to a different direction altogether.

Here is the last (fourth) painting, the one that was chosen:

This one is the first version:

I like this one, but I find it very different in spirit than the original, larger painting. I tried to follow the colors and composition, but the energy came out ery different, very dynamic, somewhat forceful, while the original was more calm and playful, I think...

Here is the second version, the one I think I will change:

I happen to like it, but from feedback I received on my flickr account, this appears to be the least effective composition.

Finally, my third trial, which also looks different than the original in spirit, but I believe has it's own charm:

In the next days I will update the blog with more new works, thanks for visiting!


More editing of the blog, as well as additional links, are to follow in the days ahead! please keep posted!


daviddrawsandpaints said...

I like all of them for their free expression and verve, but certainly the first and fourth compositionally. And I really like the colours too - more subtle than I usually manage.

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Hi Iris,
you have done a wonderful job for this painting. It's difficult to make a copy of a work.
I am also making copies of my larger works and I make smaller paintings of them. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty by doing copies, but at the other hand, if people like it, it's good if you can sell some. If we want to live as an artist, we have to do these jobs I guess ;-)

Iris said...

Wow, thank you so much for commenting, everyone! Sylvie, thanks for the note you sent me, I didn't know I had comments waiting for approval! I'm new to blogging, so I didn't check the box for approving comments without moderation, I feel silly!

David, nice to see you here, and thank you! I tend to use bold colors often, but working on this, I simply limited my palette before starting to paint. This helps getting out the subtleties, although in the original (large) painting, there wasn't such limit set in advance, I guess I simply was in a subtle mood, if such thing exists :)

Sylvie, I don't think you can actually make a real copy so don't feel guilty :)... every painting, even if similar, is unique in the energy you poured into it, so unless it's a print made from a photo or scan, it is always authentic, I think. Still, even making a similar piece is quite challenging, I find, because it's so hard to achieve the same degree of creativity and spontaneity as in the original, isn't it?

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