Friday, November 21, 2008

Cityscape #3

City in Bloom
50X44 Inches (127X11cm)
Acrylic on canvas
The photo of this building was used as the theme of two mixed media paintings I've done this year, but this time I decided to paint it. The building was since finished, and now it's covered with glass walls, but to me it was more interesting while built than it is now.
I feel I will return to this building again in the future, it seems to haunt me. The way it stands alone, surrounded by blue sky. Although it's not very tall, it really stands out, even though it's located in Manhattan. It is in an area of older , smaller structures, in the west side of the city, overlooking the Hudson river. I took the original photos while riding in a car on the West Side Highway. Here are the previous mixed media, in which I used a print of the photograph:

Cityscape #1
60X46 Inches (152X117cm) mixed media on canvas

Cityscape #2
47X47 Inches (120X120cm) mixed media on canvas

On a different note, I've been tagged this week, by Sylvie Van Hulle, a wonderful artist I've met on Flickr, but since I'm new to blogging, I didn't understand what tagging means! I figured it was some kind of code, but now I know, and I will participate in the game, it will take me a few days to prepare the lists though.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Here's an update of several new pieces from the past weeks:
This piece took me to unexpected places, here's the final version:
50X42 Inches acrylic on canvas

A former version, which I liked but wasn't sure of:

The photos were taken at different lighting conditions so the hue looks a little different, but other than the hue, the only main difference is in the top part.
Another piece I enjoyed making:
Road #2
58X50 Inches acrylic on canvas
It is one of those paintings where in the process I feel an expansion, working in large scale, a sort of freedom, and space. It is not the first piece I titled 'road' and I suspect it isn't the last.

Finally, a new project of making art objects out of recycled materials. This object looks like a box but it has no function as such, it is not a practical object but is meant only to be displayed for visual pleasure/inspiration/introspection and such purposes which art fulfills...
The size is about 14X8X7.5 Inches (35.5X20X19 Cm). It is made out of leftover packaging Styrofoam, left over canvas, fabric remnants, magazine cut-outs, acrylic gel and paint.

This object inspired a painting using the same theme which developed organically in the creation of the box, I wanted to see how it will look in two dimensions.
Someplace, somewhere
30X24 Inches, mixed media on canvas

Monday, November 10, 2008


I have been planning to do it for a while, and finally am taking the first step. Writing my thoughts about art and the art world, and as far as I can elaborate about my creative process, which is sometimes difficult for me to describe in words.

I hope a dialog or a discussion will develop, comments are very welcome!

Since I haven't been updating the blog for a while, I will start with posting recent works. First, a series which was a commission I received from someone who wanted a painting similar to a recent abstract, but in a smaller size and shape. The original painting was a 68X52 inches, and the commission was for a 36X36 Inches (3 feet by 3 feet, or 91 cm square). The challenge was mainly in creating a similar composition which originally was rectangular, into a square shape, and in addition, working small. I really love working large, especially when painting abstract. I love it when my whole body is participating in the process of creating, and painting becomes an extension of my body, the energies flowing through my hands as in a Tai-Chi or Chi Gong practice. I had to try a few versions, and this took some practice. I made 3 paintings, and after I thought I was done, decided to make one more last one. Eventually, the buyer chose that last one, which I knew she would. The original painting can be seen in an older post, but here it is again:

Two Of Us

Here are the four versions. I am quite happy with them, although I do plan to continue working on one, and perhaps take it on to a different direction altogether.

Here is the last (fourth) painting, the one that was chosen:

This one is the first version:

I like this one, but I find it very different in spirit than the original, larger painting. I tried to follow the colors and composition, but the energy came out ery different, very dynamic, somewhat forceful, while the original was more calm and playful, I think...

Here is the second version, the one I think I will change:

I happen to like it, but from feedback I received on my flickr account, this appears to be the least effective composition.

Finally, my third trial, which also looks different than the original in spirit, but I believe has it's own charm:

In the next days I will update the blog with more new works, thanks for visiting!


More editing of the blog, as well as additional links, are to follow in the days ahead! please keep posted!

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