Friday, November 21, 2008

Cityscape #3

City in Bloom
50X44 Inches (127X11cm)
Acrylic on canvas
The photo of this building was used as the theme of two mixed media paintings I've done this year, but this time I decided to paint it. The building was since finished, and now it's covered with glass walls, but to me it was more interesting while built than it is now.
I feel I will return to this building again in the future, it seems to haunt me. The way it stands alone, surrounded by blue sky. Although it's not very tall, it really stands out, even though it's located in Manhattan. It is in an area of older , smaller structures, in the west side of the city, overlooking the Hudson river. I took the original photos while riding in a car on the West Side Highway. Here are the previous mixed media, in which I used a print of the photograph:

Cityscape #1
60X46 Inches (152X117cm) mixed media on canvas

Cityscape #2
47X47 Inches (120X120cm) mixed media on canvas

On a different note, I've been tagged this week, by Sylvie Van Hulle, a wonderful artist I've met on Flickr, but since I'm new to blogging, I didn't understand what tagging means! I figured it was some kind of code, but now I know, and I will participate in the game, it will take me a few days to prepare the lists though.


mawakeley said...

Iris, it's great to hear the background on this piece, and although I remember the other images, I didn't make the connection to the same structure.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I too am tagged to list eight items and have yet to post them, but like you, am working on it:) xx

Iris said...

Hi Mary Ann, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Thanks for your comment, I don't know what it is about this structure, it haunts me, I wonder what and when the next piece featuring it will be :)


Harry Kent said...

whoa, i love that monochrome painting ... the detailed cube of some building engulfed in fast, energetic (even angry at times?) stark, minimal, atmospheric, loose, uninhibited, honest - i could go on and on - brush work ... this is great

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