Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I'm happy to say I've managed to visit 5 fairs! not all that I wanted to see, that's impossible to manage unless you rush through them without enough time to browse and process what you see!
I've had some summarizing thoughts before falling asleep last night, and woke up to more thoughts after a night of vivid dreams...

So... some thoughts about the role of art and artists in history and today, which probably are nothing new to those of you who studied art history, but I would like to put them all down, for mind-organization purposes.

The way it used to have been is that the role of visual artists was to record and reflect events, reality, daily life, and also religious and political beliefs and ideas. Artist's work also had a recreational value, by providing an aesthetic pleasure or sometimes a cathartic experience to the viewer. The role of an artist was also that of a historian. The artist injected their own personal ideas and feelings in an indirect way.

These days, ever since the invention of the camera and film, the role of the visual artist has been less and less that of recording events. Today the artist is allowed and even expected to have and to express their own ideas/concepts/feelings!

The visual artist these days expresses or aspires to express him/herself via one or (most of the time) more than one of these elements:

Meticulous skill or craft
Deep, emotional, conscious or sub-conscious expression
Unique aesthetic value

Have I forgotten any elements? please correct me if I did.

So... now to my personal quest: where does that leave me now? What does my own art express?


What is life about?
Is there an answer?
Am I expected to have it?
Many artists' ideas/concepts are about ASKING a question, not answering.
What is mine? what is MY WAY, or MY QUESTION, or ANSWER?
I am not sure at this point, and I feel this has to be the next step for me. Finding this answer/question is important, it is my ARTIST STATEMENT.


When musicians create, they are EXPERIENCING their art through the element of TIME. The experience is TRANSFERRED to the audience through the ENERGY that is being created. Even if the music is recorded and played over a CD, the listener listens and feels the ENERGY that was created in time. There is a sort of UNIFICATION of object and subject, there is an EXPERIENCE.
The process is similar in dance, theater, cinema. Literature and poetry are similar as well, the author/poet is the story-teller who records their words in writing, the art is experienced through the element of TIME, the experience is that of UNIFICATION of the energies created by the writer, and the vibrations of the listener/reader.

In visual art, with the exclusion of performance and video art (which I would classify together with theater or cinema), and kinetic art, the process is more tricky. The visual artist creates an object, then separates from it. The experience of UNIFICATION is different. The art, once finished, exists outside of the artist, and outside of the element of CHANGE in time. It is in the HERE and NOW. The viewer may experience it over time, discovering and learning it, but the art in itself has become an OBJECT as opposed to a changing ENERGY/THOUGHT or a recording of energy/thought. It exists in the dimension of HERE and NOW, it is not changing in itself. OR IS IT? Is there really such thing as a non-changing-object? As we know today, with the discoveries of science, EVERYTHING is energy.

What do you think?

Transferring of the human experience through visual means. In the HERE and NOW. What does that even mean, what does it say? It is nothing special, nothing different, but it is what ART is about, isn't it?
All the rest have other functional purposes. Our life is about survival, recreation and meaningת I think. Art interprets those elements, of life. Art focuses on meaning and recreation. No one needs art to survive, except for the artist of course, who, if lucky, uses it to survive.

Creating an art EXPERIENCE which TRANSCENDS the object - is it possible? I think we all try it, like in the movie 9, transfer our soul to the object we are making.

I seem to get nowhere further with these thoughts, so I will leave it at that for now. I am still looking for the answer or the question, maybe I will find it in the words I've written so far, or maybe I need to work some, and produce, in order to have a sense of actually finding something.

In the mean time, here are a few images of some 'recent' work (I haven't posted in a long while), for your aesthetic enjoyment/ cathartic experience/ intellectual enlightenment (alright, just kidding, don't mean to sound pretentious ;-)...)

Well, anyway, here it is:
Cityscape #4
Mixed Media 11X8.5 Inches

Cityscape #2

Mixed Media 11X8.5 Inches

Cityscape #3

Mixed Media 11X8.5 Inches

Blue In Green In Yellow

Acrylic on Canvas
54X48 Inches (137X121 Cm)


48X72 Inches (121X183 Cm)

Color Me Good

30X24 Inches (76X61 Cm)
Mixed Media on Canvas

This is the City that Never Sleeps

24X36 Inches (61X91 Cm)
Mixed Media on Canvas

This time

11X8.5 Inches
pencils on paper

It's the Wind That Draws Me To You

11X8.5 Inches
pencils on paper

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